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The construction of plastic runways must strictly follow national standards

2018-10-31 11:44:56 Xi'an Rising Sun Sports Lawn Co., Ltd. reading

According to a reporter's report, it is necessary to ensure the health of the students and to allow the construction of the school's sports ground to proceed smoothly. This is the opinion expressed by experts on the issue of the plastic track in the construction of the school’s sports stadium at the symposium held yesterday by the Ministry of Education’s Department of Physical Hygiene and Arts.

  In the previous stage, some media reported on the "toxicity of plastic playgrounds", which caused some people's uneasiness and had a great impact on the construction of plastic runways. Relevant leaders of the Ministry of Education and the State General Administration of Sport attach great importance to this, and demand a responsible attitude towards student health and education, seek truth from facts, be people-oriented, and find out whether plastic runways are harmful to people. The purpose of the symposium is to give people an accurate and comprehensive understanding of this issue.

  According to reports, the main material of the plastic track is polyurethane (toluene diisocyanate, referred to as TDI). TDI itself is toxic, and it is not toxic after the polymerization reaction in production. There can always be a small amount of free TDI that has not fully reacted. These free molecules will evaporate in one to three months. But what standards of products are qualified and harmless to humans? There are no standards specifically for sports venues. According to the "Quality Limits of Harmful Substances in Solvent-Based Wood Coatings for Interior Decoration Materials" issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, the free TDI in the air cannot exceed 0.7. The “Requirements and Inspection Methods for the Use of Artificial Materials in Sports Fields”, which is being solicited by the State Sports General Administration, also refers to this standard, and it is aimed at outdoor synthetic surface track and field venues. It should be said that the requirements are relatively high.

  It can be seen from the speech at the symposium that after more than 20 years of development, China's TDI process has been very mature from material to technology. At present, there are no plastic venues that meet national standards to poison students. At the same time, it should also be noted that due to the fierce market competition, some manufacturers have cut corners in order to reduce costs and produce some fake and inferior products that do not meet national standards. Therefore, the key to building a plastic runway is to select qualified companies and use materials that meet the standards. At the same time, the raising of this issue and its concern have also shown that people's environmental awareness is constantly increasing, the requirements for living and exercising environment are becoming higher and higher, and there are higher requirements for the craftsmanship and quality of the plastic track.

  Yang Guiren, director of the Department of Physical Hygiene and Art of the Ministry of Education, believes that the construction of plastic runways has a positive effect on the development of school sports and should continue to develop. However, when building plastic runways, it is necessary to strictly implement national standards and never exceed the standards. At the same time, strict management and careful testing are required. Prevent fake and inferior products from entering the school. If there is a problem that causes harm to the physical and mental health of the students, they will be held accountable according to law.