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Plastic runway industry standards released! Say goodbye to "Poison Runway"!

2018-10-31 11:45:05 Xi'an Rising Sun Sports Lawn Co., Ltd. reading


The poisonous runway storm caused another industry earthquake. Various standards for plastic runways have been introduced. After the endless end of the Jiangsu poisonous runway event, the Jiangsu Sports Construction Industry Association recently released the "Guide to the Construction of Synthetic Sports Field Facilities in Jiangsu Province (Trial)" At present, the relevant testing standards for plastic runways are currently chaotic and can no longer be trusted by the public.


    The Jiangsu drug runway incident was continuously exposed in the second half of 2015. Within three months of schools such as Suzhou, Wuxi, Nanjing, and Changzhou, students had nosebleeds, dizziness, and rashes, which were suspected to be directed at the playground. The smelly plastic runway attracted parents' panic, anger and protest, and eventually some schools had to eradicate to calm the storm.


    Suzhou Yuanhe Primary School in the Jiangsu drug runway incident showed a company's qualified test report during the investigation. Dramaticly, after seeing the emergencies involved in this investigation, the company found that it had not done this project, but it was used as an inspection report. The investigation team found that the company that sent the glue and black particles of Yuanhe Primary School in Suzhou was not in line with the actual situation. After inspection by the authoritative quality inspection agency in Jiangsu, the components of toluene and xylene were higher than the national standard limits.


There are huge loopholes in the construction and management of the school's plastic runway project. The construction party and the supervision party do not have professional knowledge. The so-called detection is almost useless, and it is often just a walk through. On the one hand, the test is provided by the construction party and the material supplier, which cannot be trusted by the people. On the other hand, the students clearly have a collective adverse reaction, and the test is still qualified. Both standards and testing agencies will be questioned together.


    Fortunately, while paying attention to the toxic runway incident in Jiangsu, relevant departments are also considering and improving, constantly revising and perfecting the relevant standards and testing indicators of plastic runways. Starting from July 1, the "Guide for the Construction of Synthetic Sports Field Facilities in Jiangsu Province" will be tested, and the detection of particulate matter in plastic runways will increase the concentration of volatile organic compounds (VOC), short-chain chlorinated paraffin, and phthalic acid. Limit standards for ester compounds, PAHs and other organic volatile substances.