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Don't let the artificial turf on campus become a health "killer"-a survey report on campus football series

2017-10-25 11:33:31 Xi'an Rising Sun Sports Lawn Co., Ltd. reading


At present, there are many clay fields and concrete fields on the campuses of elementary and middle schools in China. There are rare campus courses with natural turf. It is already a luxury for many children to have an artificial turf court in primary and secondary schools. Judging from the current promotion of campus football, allowing more primary and secondary schools to have an artificial turf court will be the focus of campus stadium construction for a long time.

  Finally, an artificial turf court is waiting, but if the sand and sand are all gone and the quality cannot be controlled, then the artificial turf may become a "killer" for children's health. Xinhua News Agency reporters conducted surveys in Chongqing, Shandong, Jiangsu, Fujian, Inner Mongolia and other places. Some industry experts questioned the quality of the current artificial turf in China and called on the construction of artificial turf to strictly abide by the quality standards and strengthen maintenance and Supervision.

  The safety of artificial turf on campus is worrying

  Artificial turf is a artificial turf made of plastic and chemical fiber products as raw materials by artificial methods. The raw materials are mainly polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP), but also PVC and polyamide. The grass silk drawn from these materials and PP mesh cloth are sewn together by a weaving machine, and then passed through Dingben glue to make the two combined together. Artificial turf has the advantages of bright appearance, long service life, low maintenance cost, etc., and is not affected by natural weather conditions when it is used.

  The qualification standards for artificial turf in the industry generally refer to the FIFA one-star two-star certification standards and other international standards: one-star is a community level and can be used in primary and secondary schools; two-star is used for professional training and competition venues.

  According to the construction standards, the artificial turf consists of three layers of materials: the base layer, the buffer layer and the turf layer. In the construction process, once there are cut corners, it is easy to cause quality problems.

  Jiangsu Co-creation Company produced the first artificial turf made in China that has passed FIFA certification. Its deputy general manager Xu Zheng said that the company is only responsible for the production of lawns, and the specific laying is generally carried out by sports engineering paver manufacturers, who directly participate in the school’s bidding. Xu Zheng said that the rubber particles and quartz sand used for filling the lawn are actually required for environmental protection, health and safety. However, in the process of conducting lawn bidding, because the school does not understand and do not understand the product, in fact, it often fails to put forward requirements for the product in place.

  The Xinhua News Agency reporter found in the survey that due to low construction standards, tight funding, inadequate maintenance, and unreasonable use, the quality of artificial turf in Inner Mongolia primary and secondary schools is generally poor. "The grass of artificial turf in Europe is about 3 to 4 centimeters long, but the Chinese campus is often less than 1 centimeter," Mirosi, a Croatian foreign teacher who coached in China for the eighth time in Baotou City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Say.

  A business manager of Chongqing Olympic Sports Field Development Co., Ltd. told reporters that the football reform plan stimulated the construction of private football fields and campus football fields. Artificial turf mainly came from the demand of these two markets. The reporter found in the interview that the prices of artificial turf on the market vary, with the low-end 50 and 60 yuan per square meter, the middle-end 70 to 90 yuan, and the high-end 120 yuan.

  (Subheading) Unqualified artificial turf will "injure people"

  Xu Zheng said that the unqualified artificial turf has the following hazards: first, the performance of sports is not up to the standard, which will cause a failed court experience, which is unfavorable for the training of players' technology; there will also be hidden safety hazards, causing player skin burns, aging performance and resistance Poor abrasion performance can cause the grass to fall off after rapid weathering, or even powder, and inhale the lungs to cause hidden health risks; the third is the pollution of the heavy metals to the soil and the environment; the last is that the product materials contain excessive toxic chemicals including carcinogens It will bring hidden health risks to students.

  Tian Jing, vice chairman of the Football Association of Yongchuan District in Chongqing, has been committed to the promotion of campus football. He discovered that the grass-like synthetic fibers of artificial turf will produce some dust due to wear, and he is worried about whether these dusts will enter the children's respiratory tract and endanger health.

  In this regard, Professor Li Qi of the Department of Respiratory Medicine of the Third Military Medical University said that although he has not encountered any cases of respiratory diseases caused by contact with artificial turf, the expansion of the use of artificial turf needs everyone's attention. If the quality of the artificial turf is unqualified, it may produce some dust and cause respiratory diseases. At the same time, even if the quality of the artificial turf is qualified, if it is not cleaned regularly, dust will accumulate, which may cause respiratory sensitization and asthma and other diseases in some children.

  Wang Chao, the executive director of the Fujian Super Climbing Override Club, a former Super League player, believes that students playing football when they are over 12 years old will not be able to use artificial turf. It is easy to cause damage to the students' ankles, knees, waist and back spine. Training is also just part of the training on artificial turf. 13 to 16 years old is the most critical period of puberty development, so we must pay attention to avoid various injuries.

  Mirossi bluntly said that the artificial lawn on the Chinese campus is too thin, and such a lawn is too easy to hurt children. He said that playing football on such a thin artificial lawn for a long time is harmful to the children. This kind of injury is imperceptible. When the primary school students are lighter, they kick on a thin artificial lawn, which is not noticeable at first, but as the weight increases, the sustained damage will slowly accumulate until they reach the age of fifteen or sixteen. The weight has increased significantly and the injury has already formed.

  Refinement standards, strict monitoring

  Xu Zheng believes that artificial turf should be qualified mainly from three aspects of sports safety performance, environmental protection, health and safety. He said that from a global perspective, almost all countries use FIFA standards. He suggested that the Ministry of Education unite with the artificial turf industry to unify the standards of artificial turf suitable for campus football, or stipulate that school artificial turf should meet the FIFA one-star standard.

  Mirosi said that the artificial turf must maintain a certain thickness, but also needs to be maintained every day to stand up the artificial grass. Artificial turf will become thinner and thinner if no one is doing maintenance later, and the damage to children will become more and more serious. "As a professional coach, I don’t approve of the fact that players play football on artificial turf for a long time. Once the habit is formed, it is difficult to adapt to the real natural turf by the time of the game. Therefore, China has conditions, including campus, Try to build some natural lawn courts."  

  Tian Jing suggested that in school construction, bidding standards should be refined and strictly monitored to ensure the safety of students.

  Professor Li Qi believes that to prevent the possible health problems caused by artificial turf, on the one hand, the quality standards must be strictly controlled, on the one hand, the site must be cleaned regularly. In many countries, some fitness venues require regular cleaning.