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Analysis of the causes of poisonous runways

2017-10-25 11:30:18 Xi'an Rising Sun Sports Lawn Co., Ltd. reading


What kind of poison is mainly contained in the poisonous runway, what exactly causes the plastic runway to be poisonous? Parents who are worried about their children’s health are talking about the color change of the drug runway. Faced with their children who have nosebleeds or continually shouting headaches, they can’t help but eradicate the determination of “only kill by mistake, not let go”, and can’t tolerate “must not have”. Problem runway. In fact, this worry is not superfluous. Since the use of plastic runways, campus drug runway incidents have emerged in endless and repeated prohibitions.


So, what is a poison runway? In general, toxic runways refer to the phenomenon of toxic components found in plastic runways. According to expert analysis, the toxic ingredients in plastic runways generally come from the following additions.

1. What is the main poison in the poison runway-solvent

Usually used in single-component polyurethane glue, in order to reduce the viscosity of the glue or reduce costs. The solvent is highly volatile and has a pungent odor, which is harmful to the human body. This is usually one of the main reasons why plastic runways are poisonous.

2. What is the main poison contained in the poison runway-toluene diisocyanate (TDI)

Monomer TDI is indeed very toxic, but the TDI used as the raw material of the plastic track is not a monomer, but a prepolymer obtained by the reaction of polyether and it. It is a TDI polymer that contains no or very little monomer. . The problem is that the sealing and ventilation of the filling workshops of some manufacturers are not good, the production technology is not close, and the TDI monomer cannot be effectively treated, causing poisoning.

3. What is the main poison contained in the poison runway-plasticizer

Generally used in elastomers and glues, it is also to reduce the viscosity of glue or reduce costs. Commonly used plasticizers include chlorinated paraffin and DOP. Although they are not volatile, they often come into contact with or penetrate into the soil layer, which can cause harm to the human body and the environment. This is an environmental estrogen and one of the reasons for the poisonous runway.

4. What poisons are mainly contained in the poison runway-MOCA

The most common amine chain extenders in polyurethane elastomers were originally used in sports venues in large quantities, but due to their carcinogenic properties, many countries have banned their use. However, in China, some manufacturers are still using it for technical and cost reasons.

5. What poisons are mainly contained in the poison runway-other additives

For example, a catalyst with an excessive amount of heavy metals will cause harm to humans and the environment.


After understanding what a poisonous runway is, and the reasons for a plastic poisonous runway, let's clarify again that a qualified plastic runway is harmless. As early as the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the organizers planned to promote plastic runways and artificial turf on the campus of Beijing in order to enhance the image of the city. Prior to this, Beijing organized relevant authoritative experts to conduct a two-year research and demonstration on whether the plastic runway is toxic. The final conclusion is that the plastic runway is basically harmless.


However, it is regrettable that the basic harmlessness, which should have been the most basic requirement, is often not met in practice. We understand what the poison runway is, we need to improve the quality control standards and construction technical specifications of the plastic runway from these links as soon as possible, comprehensive inspection and supervision, to avoid and prevent the poison runway from continuing to ravage the campus.