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Communication is a key element in every organisation. Implementing effective (mobile) communication solutions can realize major costreductions in different ways.
VDM Telecom has a vast experience in mobile network communication solutions for enterprises and can help your organisation to achieve better results.
When you are a solution supplier, VDM Telecom can support you in finding and developing a channel for your mobile communication solution. VDM Telecom can also provide marketing services towards the channel and the final endcustomers that will implement your solution.
These services can be offered across the EMEA territory or for subregional area's.

As a mobile solution customer, VDM Telecom can help during the definition, design and implementation phases.
3 levels of support we can deliver:

1.     Helping enterprises to analyze their communication needs in different parts of the organisation.
2.     Providing a structured approach how to implement such changes.
3.     Supporting the implementation of the new solution.
The above services can be provided to organisations within the Benelux area.
Company Statement
About VDM Telecom
Marketing services
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